Lighthouse Alpaca Ranch

  Our small ranch started in 2002.  We worked hard to put in  fencing and make our existing buildings work for housing our alpaca herd. We still have a lot to do and will probably always be changing our facilities as the years go by.  Now in 2016 our herd now sits at to 29 (3 agisted) so Larry has been busy expanding our facilities and fencing for them.  We have upgraded our barn facilities so we now have wired power and water.

  Working with our alpacas is a satisfying and relaxing project.  We are still learning the nuances of keeping our alpacas healthy and active.  As we are now both retired, we will be looking to downsize our herd.  We have some older females that we haven't used in our breeding program for a while and are looking for new homes for them  They have given us quality crias in the past and we would expect them to do so for another farm.  If you are looking for quality females, we will be open for offers on most of them. . 

    Fir Cove Accoyo Beethoven is standing at stud on our farm.  He is full accoyo and has 8 cria on the ground; 4 white boys, 2 brown boys and 2 girls(1 white, 1 appalossa).  All of his cria have excellent staple length and are extra  fine.  The person who sorts my fiber says he produces "Silky's".  He is still breeding even though he is getting on in years.  If you would like to add Accoyo to you farm, he would be a good choice.  Again, we are open to offers for him.

     We have two other studs on our place.  LTHS Dillon has settled two females and they delivered 1 boy and 1 girl.  His fleece is very fine Lt Fawn with low micron primary fibers.  We have also put LTHS Beemer in our breeding program this year.  He is a very nice white boy.  His sire is Fletcher who has produced a number of champion offspring.  His fleece isn't ultra fine but is consistant across his blanket and his shearing this was over 10 lbs.  Very nice boy!!!!

     Come visit and we'll introduce you to our alpacas and if you purchase we will be available for info and help whenever it is needed. 

    DOB:   9/8/09
    SIRE:  LTHS PAN    

   STUD FEE:  $800
 2010 - 3rd  AWE
 2010 - 3rd  NW Alpaca Showcase
 2010 - 1st  Alpaca Affaire Composite
 2011 - 5th  Alpacapalooza
 2011 - 5th  NW Alpaca Showcase
 2012 - 1st  Alpaca Affaire Fleece Show      2013 - 2nd Alpacapalooza Fleece Show        2013 - 1st  Alpaca Affaire Fleece Show                                         

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   DOB:         6/1/2008               DAM:  PCA ACCOYO MILAGRA
                                 GRANDSIRE:  PCA ACCOYO EL NINO        
  STUD FEE:  $800 
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